Bear vs Leesa Mattress Comparison


    In this article I’m going to be comparing two flagship mattresses from very popular online brands – Bear versus Leesa.

    If you’ve come across Bear and Leesa during your online mattress search, you might be thinking that they’re pretty much the same, but there’s actually quite a bit of difference and I’m going to go over exactly what those differences are and why you might want to get one bed over the other.

    If that sounds good, let’s jump right into this thing by just quickly going over the company policy information for both Bear and Leesa, stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.


    You’re going to start off with totally free bed in a box shipping. Once the bed arrives, you get 100 nights with both Bear and Leesa to try it out in your own home to decide if it’s really the mattress you want to be sleeping on for the next seven to 10 years or so.

    If it’s not for whatever reason within those first hundred nights you can call the company up and get totally free returns, which is pretty great. But should you decide to keep it, both back their beds with a 10 year warranty.

    Both Bear and Leesa go with the usual online mattress standard as far as policies go and I think it’s all pretty consumer friendly.


    Common Thing

    One last thing I want to mention that these beds have in common is the fact that they both have all foam constructions. The foams themselves are going to be different but because they’re both made entirely of foam, I think they’re going to be better for average to petite size sleepers.

    If you are a bit heavier, I usually recommend you get a coil mattress. Both Bear and Leesa do make hybrid coil beds.

    Let’s start putting these beds head to head in a few different categories and seeing how they stack up starting with their construction and feel.

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    Head to Head Comparison

    Both are 10 inches thick and both use dense support foam as a base. On Leesa you go up from that support foam to a layer of memory foam that functions as a transition layer and then you have the main comfort layer, which is a soft responsive neutral feeling foam.

    Bear on the other hand does the reverse, where the memory foam is on top and the response of neutral foam is underneath. This gives Bear and Leesa distinctly different feels. Bear has more of that traditional dense memory foam feel, while Leesa has a soft neutral foam feel.

    If you’ve ever laid down on a memory foam bed in the past, Bear should feel pretty familiar. You’ll lay down on it and the foams will feel pretty firm at first and then they’ll start to soften up and you’ll slowly start to sink into it and it will conform to the shape of your body.

    You don’t get that sink in feeling with Leesa though since that top layer of foam snaps back into place much more quickly than a memory foam will. It just feels like a big slab of comfy foam that pretty much everyone should find generally pretty nice.

    Let’s move over to firmness, which is obviously going to be another big factor when choosing between these two beds.

    We have Leesa right at a flat medium on the firmness scale, which means it should work for pretty much everybody: back, stomach, side and combination sleepers. Most brands place their flagship mattress around a medium just because they’re trying to appeal to the widest range of people.

    Bear mattress is going to be a bit firmer than a medium. I have it right between a medium and a medium firm, which means you should still be able to accommodate pretty much everybody, although strict side sleepers might find it to be a tad bit firm.

    Firmness is pretty subjective. I try and rate firmness for the average size person, but if you’re a bit heavier, you usually feel beds to be a bit softer and if you’re more petite you usually feel beds to be a bit firmer.

    So if you are a petite side sleeper who generally wants a softer mattress, Bear might be a tad bit firm, but for the most part I think it should be pretty good for most people.



    Let’s now talk about price. Both Bear and Leesa are pretty affordable in the grand scheme of online beds, but you’ll be spending a bit less if you go with Bear.

    The MSRP for a queen size Bear mattress is right at about $995 and the MSRP for a queen size Leesa is set right about $1099.

    Both brands do go on discount pretty regularly though.

    After discount Bear mattress is one of the most affordable memory foam beds you can find online. It should be somewhere around 750 bucks and Leesa should drop down to $950. Pricing and discounts are always subject to change when it comes to online beds so just check for whatever is current.

    But if trends continue you should be saving some money by going with Bear.

    Extra Factors

    One last thing I want to mention is one or two extra factors for each of these beds that might move the needle in one direction or the other for you.

    Bear mattress has a material called celliant woven into its cover. This stuff is a textile that’s been approved by the FDA as a general wellness device. It’s supposed to do all kinds of things for you, like increased circulation while you sleep and improve your recovery times, which is why Bear mattress generally markets themselves toward athletes.

    Unfortunately this isn’t really something I can really scientifically test. I don’t really have a lab, but someone I know sleeps on Bear hybrid and swears there’s something to the celliant cover. So if you lead more of an athletic lifestyle it might be something worth looking into.

    For Leesa, they’re actually a certified B Corporation which basically means they meet a lot of sustainability requirements and they make a lot of charitable donations. Lots of people out there like to support companies that do good things and Leesa is definitely one of those.


    That’s pretty much it when it comes to Bear versus Leesa.

    I’d say bottom line go with Bear if you want that memory foam feel, you want a bed that’s slightly firmer and you’re interested in that celliant cover.

    Go with Leesa if you want the neutral feeling, soft foam bed. Go with it if you want that medium firmness, it’s just a super accommodating bed from a company that does good things.

    Buy Bear:

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