Bear vs. Casper Mattress Comparison


    If you’re trying to decide between the Bear and the Casper mattress, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here I’ll be looking closely at each bed’s firmness level, feel, cooling features and more to help you figure out which one is the right pick for you.

    Let’s get started.

    Before I get into the nitty-gritty details I want to confirm that I am talking about the Bear Original and the Casper original all foam model.


    First of all let’s talk about the similarities between these two mattresses.

    They’re both popular bed in a box mattresses that lots of people love.

    Also they’re great options for hot sleepers. They both have some very impressive cooling features so you shouldn’t feel stuffy at night.

    Also these are great all foam mattresses. You can find hybrid models for both the Bear and the Casper, but here we’re specifically looking at the all memory foam versions.

    And last but not least, these two beds are fantastic for couples because they isolate motion really well.



    Now let’s talk about the really interesting stuff, the differences between the Bear and the Casper mattresses.

    They do vary when it comes to construction.

    They’re both entirely made out of foam, but you’ll find different materials and infusions within the comfort layers.

    Also Casper features zoned support, which means that it’s firmer in the center of the bed and softer at the head and the foot.

    Also these two beds have a slightly different feel.

    If you’re a fan of a really slow moving memory foam feel, go for the Bear. But if you’re looking for something a bit more balanced and responsive, Casper is the way to go.

    They also vary when it comes to firmness level.

    The Casper is going to be a little bit firmer than the Bear.

    And when it comes to your budget, the Casper mattress is a little bit pricier than the Bear.

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    Now that we’ve touched on the overall differences between these beds, let’s get a little bit more detailed and talk about how they differ when it comes to construction.

    Starting with the covers, both mattresses have thin and breathable covers, but the Bear cover has celliant in it, which is a very unique material that helps pull heat away from the body.

    Moving on to the comfort layers.

    In the Bear mattress, you’ll find their graphite infused memory foam. Graphite helps pull heat away from the body and keep you cool.

    Underneath that you’ll find a layer of responsive memory foam. This really helps prevent you from getting stuck inside the mattress, It springs back into place after you apply pressure and it acts as a nice transition layer before you get to the support section.

    In the Casper’s comfort layers, you’ll find their proprietary AirScape foam. This is a unique material that’s open celled, which makes it super breathable and promotes airflow. It also provides great pressure relief.

    Underneath that you’ll find Casper’s zoned support system. This is a really unique feature of the mattress. It’s going to feel firmer in the center and softer near the head and the foot. This is exceptionally great for people with back and hip pain.

    These two mattresses have similar support layers.

    The Bear is made out of high density base support foam and Casper features polyfoam.

    After all this information you might be wondering what does this all mean.

    We do have two all foam mattresses here, very similar constructions, but the Casper is going to feel a little bit firmer and it has zone support.



    But let’s also talk about their cooling features.

    In general all foam mattresses have a tendency to trap body heat and make you feel hot at night. But these mattresses have some excellent features to help combat that.

    In the Bear they’ve got graphite which helps pull heat away from the body and the Casper has their proprietary AirScape foam.

    Can’t go wrong with either bed!


    Next let’s talk about how the construction helps with their durability.

    Both mattresses are made with high quality materials so they should last you a long time.

    I expect them to last at least 7 to 10 years.

    Firmness and Feel

    When I review mattresses I always pay close attention to firmness and feel.

    These beds are pretty similar. They do have some slight variations between them.

    Starting with the firmness.

    The Bear mattress comes right in at a six and a half out of ten. This is the industry standard for mattresses. It’s going to have a classic medium firm feel.

    The Casper mattress is slightly firmer, coming in at a seven out of ten. If you need additional support that’s a good way to go.

    There are also some slight differences between the way these mattresses feel.

    The Bear mattress has more of a traditional slow moving memory foam feel. You’ll really sink into the layers and feel that pressure relief.

    The Casper mattress is a bit more responsive. You’re not going to sink in quite as much.

    Sleeping Positions

    Of course I have to examine how these beds will feel in different sleeping positions.

    Starting with the Bear.

    This mattress works very well for back sleepers. You’ll get a great balance of comfort and support.

    Side sleepers, it also works well for most people. I will say though if you’re a little bit heavier or a bigger frame that this mattress might not provide enough support for you and you could develop a little bit of pressure along your shoulders and your hips.

    Because the Bear mattress is a six and a half out of ten, it’s going to be a little bit too soft for most stomach sleepers. It’s possible that some very lightweight people could get away with it, but generally stomach sleepers should find a firmer mattress.

    Moving on to the Casper.

    This mattress has zoned support so it works super well for back sleepers. You’ll get the pressure relief where you need it and the support everywhere else. It’s especially great if you deal with back or hip pain.

    Side sleepers should also feel very comfortable on the Casper, but similarly to the Bear, if you’re a little bit heavier you might notice a little bit of pressure over time.

    Even though the Casper is a little bit firmer than the Bear, I still don’t recommend it for most stomach sleepers. Most people will feel their hips sinking into the foam quite a bit which can cause some strain on the lower back and create pain over time.

    Motion Transfer

    If you share a bed with a partner, you want to pay close attention to motion transfer and edge support.

    Motion transfer means that if you’re lying on one side of the bed and your partner gets in on the other and they’re switching sleeping positions, are you gonna feel that movement transfer to your side of the bed.

    Thankfully because the Bear and the Casper are entirely made out of memory foam, they absorb motion very well.

    You really shouldn’t notice a whole lot of movement if your partner shifts around during the night.

    Edge Support

    You’ll also want to pay close attention to the bed’s edge support.

    What this means is if you’re sitting or lying near the side of the bed, will you feel secure or will you feel like you might roll off.

    This is especially important if you share a bed with a partner because you want to be sure you can utilize the full surface area of the mattress.

    The Bear mattress has decent edge support. You’ll feel it collapse a little bit underneath you as you sit on the side, but when you’re resting completely flat, you should feel pretty secure.

    The Casper has better edge support, especially when you’re sitting on the side. You really won’t feel like you’re going to fall off at all.

    Who Should Get The Bear Mattress?

    This is a great pick for people who are looking for a traditional slow moving memory foam feel.

    This also works very well for lightweight to average weight side sleepers.

    And it’s a good pick for people who want to save a little bit of money.

    Who Should Get the Casper Mattress?

    This bed works really well for people who want a memory foam feel but something that’s a little bit more responsive.

    This bed also works super well for people with back and hip pain and it’s a great choice if you want something with that zoned support system.


    Before I wrap up I’m going to touch on some additional information about the Bear and Casper mattresses.

    Both mattresses offer free shipping and free returns and they both have 100 night sleep trial periods.

    The Bear mattress has a slightly longer warranty, coming in at 20 years long, while the Casper offers a 10-year warranty.

    For both of them different accessories are also available.

    Well that’s about it!

    As you can see these are two quality all foam beds, but they will work better for some people more than others.

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