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    Here I’ll be reviewing the Bear Original mattress, best mattress for athletes.  This all foam bed in a box mattress was designed with Celliant fabric in the cover, which can actually help athletes recover from a workout faster.

    In this review I’m gonna put the Bear through some tests for quality and feel, plus tell you which sleepers I’d recommend it to.

    One of my big concerns before I buy a mattress is whether or not it’s going to be a high quality bed. To help you decide for yourself if the Bear is high quality, I’m going to go through it layer by layer in this section of my review and tell you a little bit about what I think it’s made of.


    This is a 10 inch tall all foam mattress and it uses a special Celliant cover. Celliant fiber is a synthetic material that was designed to convert our body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back at us, which supposedly helps speed up muscle recovery.

    Bear original cover

    Honestly I don’t know if it works to do that, but Celliant is known to be super cooling, which is a really nice perk on a foam mattress like this one.

    Below that is a comfort layer made of graphite infused memory foam. It offers some nice initial pressure relief and that graphite infusion really helps to cool things down.

    Below that is a layer of Bear’s responsive transition foam. It feels like a medium firm poly foam and basically that layer just helps ease you down onto the firm base layer below, which is high density poly foam to provide overall support.

    Based on these materials I would say this bed will sleep decently cool for a foam mattress, which is pretty nice and I think it’s about good quality for a foam mattress like this one, but it comes at a really awesome budget price. That’s something to consider before you buy the Bear.

    Edge Support

    Another important quality factor I like to take a look at is edge support.

    Edge support is a measure of how well the edges of a bed are going to hold up under your weight. Will it support you when you sit or lie down on the edge of the bed.

    Edge support is a really nice indicator of quality, because strong edges generally indicate a pretty durable mattress.

    I tested out the edges on this Bear and I would say it had pretty average edge support for a foam mattress, so not great compared to a lot of other mattress types, but not the worst out there especially for a budget foam mattress like this one.


    Taking all of those qualities into consideration, I would estimate the Bear will last you about five to seven years, which is pretty standard for a budget foam mattress like this one.

    best mattress for athletes


    Next up let’s get to talking about how this mattress actually feels. Keep in mind that feel is subjective. Someone lighter or heavier than I am might experience a mattress a little bit differently.

    The Bear is a slightly firm feeling mattress, just a little bit firmer than medium firm. I actually thought it was maybe a true medium firm mattress but some of my friends thought it was definitely firm. I would say slightly firm just to be safe.

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    Sleeping Positions

    Based on this feel I would say this mattress is great for back sleepers.

    When i was on my back, I felt really comfortable and could feel the Bear’s top layers really filling in my lumbar region to release some tension at my lower back, which was really nice.

    I think this mattress is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. I could feel my hips sinking into the surface of the bed, creating a bend in my spine. That would lead to back pain over time for stomach sleepers.

    I do think most side sleepers will probably find this bed a bit too firm. There will be some pressure build up around maybe the hip area.

    But if you’re a particularly light sleeper, you might actually rest on top of the memory foam comfort layer, a little bit more than other sleepers, and find that this mattress is soft enough to use while you’re sleeping on your side.


    Really closely related to feel is bounce. How bouncy a mattress is, is going to determine whether you’ll feel more hugged and cradled by your bed or more lifted up and out of the mattress.

    To test bounce, I rolled around in a few different positions, decided how easy it was to change positions and then I also bounced a steel ball up and down on this bed.

    Based on these tests, clearly this is not a very bouncy mattress. I found it pretty hard to roll around and change positions on this bed.

    If you are a combination sleeper, you might prefer something a little bouncier with a little bit more lift.

    Motion Transfer

    Bounce is closely related to motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner, this is a measure of whether or not you’re going to be disturbed when they roll around and change positions at night.

    To measure motion transfer, I use a seismometer. Based on my results I would say that the Bear has a really low motion transfer.

    It isolates motion super well, so you’re not going to feel a lot of movement when a partner is rolling around on the other side of the bed. The movement that you do feel will dissipate really quickly, so there’s a good chance it won’t disturb you overnight, which is a great perk for couples.

    Pressure Relief

    I also want to talk a little bit about pressure relief.

    Pressure relief is a measure of how evenly distributed your weight is going to be on a bed and this is super important for side sleepers, because it measures how much pressure is going to build up at sensitive areas like the hips and the shoulders overnight.

    To measure pressure relief I used a pressure map test. I put a pressure map down on the mattress and it created a graphic that ranges from blue and green in low pressure areas to red and yellow in high pressure areas.

    On my side, there was quite a bit of green around my hips and what that tells me is if you struggle with hip pain, this is not the mattress for you.

    Or if you’re a side sleeper who spends the entire night on one side, you don’t roll over and switch to the other side, probably this mattress is not quite soft enough for you and you should look for something a little softer.

    Bear offers a softer model called the Bear Pro that could work better for your needs.


    Pros & Cons

    Before we wrap up, I want to leave you with a few of my personal recommendations about the Bear Original mattress.

    First up, some folks I think could really like this bed.

    Back sleepers, I think this is an awesome bed for you.

    The memory foam layer is really going to fill in your lower back and relieve tension there, but you’re still going to be nice and supported throughout the night.

    Next up if you’re a budget shopper, this mattress is extremely well priced. I think it’s a great option if you’re looking to save some money on a mattress purchase.

    Finally if you sleep with a restless partner or pet, and you’re a little easily disturbed at night, I think the Bear is a great choice for you, because it really isolates motion well, so you’re not going to feel too disturbed by tossing and turning on the other side of the bed from you.

    Next up some folks that might not necessarily like the Bear mattress very much.

    First up, stomach sleepers. This bed is too soft for you. I think it’ll lead to some back pain over time so I would recommend you opt for a firmer mattress, maybe a hybrid or an inner spring bed.

    Side sleepers, this bed might actually be a little too firm for you, so you might want to opt for a softer mattress, potentially the Bear Pro could work for you.

    Finally if you’re someone who likes a super bouncy bed, tons of bounce, tons of lift, you want to feel really on top of your bed, this mattress isn’t quite for you.

    It has a nice hug-like, cradling feel that I personally like, but not everyone likes that.


    If you are interested in purchasing this bed, I do want to give you some quick info on Bear’s company policies.

    This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial and it’s gonna ship for free and arrive compressed in a box.

    That is it for my review of the Bear Original mattress.

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