Bear Hybrid Mattress UPDATED Review 2022


    In this article I’m bringing you my review of the updated Bear hybrid mattress.

    Bear as a brand recently underwent a bit of a rebrand, they have a new logo. In addition to some really consumer friendly policies that they offer on all of their beds.

    I’m going to try to tell you what’s new with the Bear hybrid mattress. I’m going to start by talking about those newer policies that they now offer, then I’m going to delve into the bed’s newer updated construction.

    I’m gonna talk about feel, firmness, how much this thing costs. At the end I’ll try to sum things up with a final verdict so you can decide is this bed really right for you or not.

    Let’s get right into this review.


    For starters let’s start talking about the types of policies that Bear as a brand now offers for their hybrid mattress.

    If you decide to get it for yourself, it should come with completely free shipping.

    This is a bed in a box option, which means it’s going to show up at your door in a box that’s around like four feet tall. Though you do have the option to spend up for white glove delivery with a Bear hybrid, which is nice to know, but it will cost you extra.

    Once that box arrives at your door, you just drag it into your home and unbox it, but since this is a rather heavy hybrid bed you might just want a friend there to help you out with the whole unboxing process as it can be quite heavy to move around by yourself.

    Once the Bear hybrid is in your possession you also get a trial period of 120 nights and this is basically your chance to see if the bet is right for you or not.

    If it isn’t for whatever reason within that time frame, you also get completely free returns with the bed.

    But should you decide to keep the Bear hybrid, which I think should be the case for most folks out there as it’s quite a nice bed, this thing is backed by a lifetime warranty, as opposed to what they used to offer, which was around 10 years for their warranty.

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    Let’s get into the bulk of this review and start addressing this bed’s new construction.

    Not much has changed but a few things have.

    On the bottom it starts off with a base layer, a thin layer of support foam. Then you transition up to the bed’s main support layer of pocketed coils.

    What they essentially do is just provide beds with a lot more bi-directional support and durability in the long run for bigger body types.

    They also go a long way in increasing a bed’s motion isolation, airflow and they even give beds a little bit more bounce if that’s something that you’re interested in.

    Above those coils you’ve got more of a responsive transitional layer of foam and this acts as a buffer between the support coils and the bed’s primary comfort layer of copper infused memory foam,

    Rounding everything out is a nice quilted cover, which I think looks pretty nice on the mattress.

    Bear actually incorporated a cooling material within it to benefit hot sleepers and it’s apparently moisture wicking as well,

    That being said, based on my tests with this new mattress, I would say that that cooling material isn’t necessarily going to make it an active cooling option, but I would say that it’s pretty much going to sleep temperature neutral on you throughout the night and shouldn’t excessively warm up on you.

    All of the foams used within the new Bear hybrid are also CertiPUR-US certified and they’re apparently sourced from environmentally friendly materials.

    The entire mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified and the bed itself is made in the USA if you care about getting American-made products.

    Feel & Firmness

    Let’s talk about what all this adds up to give the bed in terms of feel and firmness.

    Even though it does use that copper-infused memory foam on top for its main comfort layer, the bed’s quilted cover balances that out nicely to produce more of a neutral pillow top feel.

    It should feel pretty accommodating and comfortable to most sleepers right off the bat
    and it should also provide plenty of support and durability for bigger body types due to those support coils.

    In terms of firmness, like the old model, I’d still place it at right around a proper medium. It might actually be a tinge bit firmer than the previous one but only slightly.

    The bed should work out great for all sleeper types regardless of how you like to sleep, on your back, side, stomach or a combination of all three, you should be set here.

    mattress with hypersoft cooling gel foam


    Tat’s how the bed feels and how firm it is.

    But let’s talk about one main X factor about the Bear hybrid and it can be found within the mattress cover.

    I already mentioned that it incorporated a cooling material, but one thing that is kind of cool about it is that it features a material known as Celliant, which is a textile that’s been recognized by the FDA as a general wellness device.

    It’s supposed to help with all sorts of things related to bettering the quality of your overall sleep on a nightly basis.

    I’m not scientists and I don’t really have a lab to test and prove whether or not Celliant works the way people say that it does, but many sleepers out there swear that there’s something to it.


    Let’s cover a few things that couples should consider with the Bear hybrid.

    If you’re in a relationship and you intend on sharing this bed with a partner, you mainly want to be aware of how the bed performs in terms of edge support, motion isolation and temperature regulation.

    I already touched on temperature regulation. It’s pretty much neutral across the board. It’s not really going to be an active cooling option but it shouldn’t be warming up on you excessively either at night.

    In terms of motion isolation I would say that this bed performs pretty well. I’d say that the bed does deaden quite a bit of cross mattress motion, so if you happen to get up at night for whatever reason, you don’t really want to jostle your partner awake and that shouldn’t really be happening with this bed.

    In terms of edge support, I’d say this bed performs great in this category. They did actually incorporate reinforced coils along the edges of the bare hybrid to basically provide no roll-off sensation whatsoever. If you happen to sleep pretty close to those edges, you should be set.

    Hand-Quilted Celliant Cover


    I know what you’re thinking. Edge support, motion isolation, temperature regulation, firmness, feel, but how much is this thing gonna cost me.

    At the end of the day I’d say this is a quality hybrid bed that’s offered at a really reasonable price point and it should be really affordable for you after discount-

    A queen size currently retails for just shy of $1750 as of when I’m doing this article. But after discount you should be paying around the $1300 range.

    Bear as a brand does like to do pretty sweet bundles with their mattress purchases as well, where they throw in things like pillows and sheets.


    That’s pretty much going to do it for my review of the updated Bear hybrid mattress.

    I Like this update, I think that the Bear hybrid is even stronger than the previous one.

    You’re probably looking for a final verdict. Who should really go with this bed and why.

    If you’re looking for a supportive hybrid bed with more of a pillow top feel that’s right around a proper medium, you like the sound of those consumer friendly policies, and you want a bed to offer you some potential restorative qualities, you couldn’t go wrong with the Bear hybrid.

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