Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review


    Here I’m going to be reviewing the brand new Bear Elite mattress.

    Bear as a brand currently makes four different mattress options.

    They have their original flagship bed, Bear pro which is the enhanced version of that mattress. Bear hybrid which is their flagship hybrid bed and now they have Bear Elite, which is basically their top-tier bed at this point.

    If you thought that Bear hybrid was one mean pocketed coil bed, it pales in comparison to what Bear Elite now offers the average sleeper.

    In this article I’m gonna try to cover this bed in pretty good detail.

    I’m going to start off by talking about the policies it’s now backed by. Then I’m going to delve into the construction elements that this mattress consists of, I’m going to talk about the big ticket items like how this bed feels, how firm it is, how much it costs.

    At the end I’ll try to sum things up with the final verdict, so you guys can make a well-informed decision on whether or not you want to go with this thing and why.



    Let’s cover the types of policies that you should be backed by if you decide to go the Bear Elite route.

    If you decide to get it, you should be getting the following policy details, starting with completely free bed-in-a-box shipping.

    This mattress will likely arrive at your door in a box that’s around four feet tall. All you gotta do is just drag that box into your home, unbox it and with the help of a friend, it’s pretty fun, easy and rather straightforward to do.

    One side note is that you can actually get white glove delivery with this mattress though you will have to spend up a little bit extra for that.

    Once the Bear Elite is unboxed and in your possession, you also get a trial period of 120 nights with this mattress to basically see if it’s going to be right for you or not.

    If it isn’t within that time frame you also get completely free returns with the bed. In which case you just call Bear the brand up and they’ll work with you to set up a time to remove the mattress.

    But if the opposite occurs, you end up loving it, that’s awesome because this thing is backed by a lifetime warranty, which is pretty much above and beyond the usual industry standard of around 10 years or so.

    That’s pretty much all the policy stuff.


    Now let’s delve into this bed’s construction so you can gain a better understanding of what exactly it’s made up of.

    There’s actually a lot going on with this particular bed.

    It starts off at the bottom with a thin layer of support foam to basically act as the base for the bed.

    Then you transition up to the bed’s main support layer of pocketed coils. They basically are individually siloed springs and they basically add a lot of advantages to a mattress, including increased motion isolation, support and they even give beds a little bit more airflow when compared to all foam mattresses.

    Above those coils, you’ve also got a transitional layer of comfort foam that actually has a zone support design. Ii’m going to cover that more in detail in a bit.

    But on top of that transition layer is the bed’s main comfort layer of copper infused memory foam. This is basically a more responsive style of memory foam that has some antimicrobial and cooling properties.

    Rounding everything out is a nice quilted cover with some additional comfort foam woven into it. The cover on Bear Elite is super unique because it’s one of the only ones to include both Celliant and a phase change material. I’ll also cover that more in a bit.


    When you take all these construction elements into account and you add them up, what exactly do they provide this bed in terms of feel.

    I’d classify the Bear Elite to have a very similar feel to the Bear hybrid. It’s got more of that classic pillow top feel.

    Even though it does use a layer of copper-infused memory foam near the top, it does provide the bed with a lot of pressure relief, but it is also balanced out by the additional comfort foams woven into that quilted cover.

    You’re pretty much going to feel this bed to be quite neutral and I don’t think a lot of sleepers are going to find it to be uncomfortable.

    It’ll probably accommodate the vast majority of sleeper types out there.



    In terms of firmness, the Bear Elite is actually available in three different firmness options.

    They have a luxury plush, a luxury firm and an extra firm.

    I tested their luxury firm and I’d place it right in between a medium and a medium firm on the scale.

    This means that it’s probably going to work for all sleeper types just fine. But it might just cater to back and stomach sleepers a bit more since it is a bit firmer.

    That luxury firm should be the best option for all sleeper types. But since everybody is different, if you’re more so of a side and combination sleeper, maybe check out that luxury plush version.

    Whereas if you’re more of a die hard back or stomach sleeper, check out the extra firm.

    Since this bed does use pocketed coils for support, it’ll likely be able to handle and withstand all body types,

    X Factors

    I want to go over the X factors related to the Bear Elite and there’s quite a bit of stuff here that I alluded to earlier.

    One thing to note is that zone support transitional layer. Basically all these cutouts within this foam to make the bed either firmer or softer in certain areas.

    It’s basically there to help keep your back in a more neutral spinal alignment while you sleep at night.

    This type of design could benefit those who tend to suffer from chronic back pain at night. As far as the cover goes, I did kind of hint to this earlier, but this is one of the only beds within the online space that includes both Celliant and a phase change material within that mattress cover.

    This cover could provide you with some slight cooling advantages. I say slight because it’s not really apparent that it is a cooling cover.

    It’s only slightly cool to the touch, so I’d say that the bed is pretty much going to sleep temperature neutral on you.

    But since it does also include that Celliant, it could provide you with some restorative qualities and it’s supposed to help with all things related to bettering your overall quality of sleep.

    I can’t prove to you that Celliant works the way many others say that it does. But it could move the needle for you if you care about some restorative qualities in your mattress.

    Another thing worth noting about Bear Elite is that the entire mattress is actually GreenGuard Gold certified. A really tough certification to get for online beds.

    All the foams used within the mattress are actually CertiPUR-US certified.



    If you’re in a relationship and you intend on sharing the Bear Elite mattress with a partner, you also want to be aware of how the bed performs in terms of edge support and motion isolation.

    I already talked about temperature regulation. So let’s talk about those two.

    The edge support on this mattress is actually great. They did include reinforced coils along the edges of this bed, so there’s a lot of support found along the edges of it.

    I don’t think anyone will really experience any sort of roll off sensation with it.

    As far as motion isolation goes, it’s also pretty good. beds with memory foam and pocketed coils usually tend to absorb quite a bit of cross mattress movement.

    If you’re a light sleeper, this could be a great option to add to your list of considerations.

    As i mentioned I see Bear Elite pretty much sleeping temperature neutral, even though Bear advertises this bed to have a lot of cooling advantages. I don’t think it really is an active cooling option. I also don’t see the Bear Elite excessively warming up on you at night either.


    Now it’s time to talk about pricing.

    I’ve touched on all these elements related to how the mattress sleeps and how it feels, its firmness, elements for couples. But how much is this thing exactly going to cost you.

    Since this is Bear’s most premium top of the line bed yet, it is not the most affordable one that they offer.

    You will probably be paying a bit of a premium for it. As of when I’m doing this article, it currently retails for right around $2400 for the queen size.

    But after discount you can expect to pay closer to the $1800 range.

    but Bear as a brand does like to switch up the pricing for their mattresses usually year round, so if this pricing isn’t current as of when you’re reading this article check here to see what’s current.

    Bear as a brand also likes to bundle in free things like pillows and sheets with all their mattress purchases, which is pretty cool.



    That’s pretty much going to do it for this review of the brand new Bear Elite mattress.

    At the end of the day, I’m pleased to see that Bear has included this top of the line bed into their lineup. I think it’s pretty quality and well worth the price.

    But the question remains who should really go with this mattress and for what reasons.

    I’d say look into the Bear Elite if you want a super supportive hybrid mattress with more of a pillow top feel that’s available in three different firmness levels. You like the sound of those zone support and Celliant cooling cover features. And you want the most premium bed that Bear currently offers as a brand.

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