100% Bamboo Viscose Sheets For Hot Sleepers

    bamboo cooling bed sheets

    In this article I’m going to talk about an awesome sheet set that I really love.

    Here I’m going to be reviewing the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set.

    In this review I’m going to be going over the materials and feel of these sheets as well as give you some of my honest pros and cons about them. A little bit of sheet talk if you will.


    Let’s take this review off with a look at the policies and prices for the Nolah Bamboo Sheet set.

    First Nolah offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    Next Nolah offers a 30 night sleep trial with these sheets and that means you can test them out at home for 30 nights and if they’re not a good fit, you can return them within that time period for a full refund.

    Third Nolah offers a 10 year warranty on these sheets, which is a pretty long warranty on sheets.


    Let’s talk about price.

    These sheets come in different sizes based on which size you get. You can get a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king.

    All the prices are going to vary depending on which size you get. But they range from about $179 to $249.

    100% Bamboo Viscose Sheets For Hot Sleepers


    It’s time to talk about what these sheets are made of.

    If you hadn’t guessed it already from the name, these sheets are made of bamboo.

    Yes the same stuff that giant pandas eat!

    This fabric is what’s called a bamboo viscose and basically it’s the cellulose of bamboo that is turned into fabric.

    Remember cellulose from your science class unit on cells? It’s basically the building block of a plant cell. It’s extracted from the bamboo, turned into wood pulp and then spun into fabric to make this bamboo viscose fabric.

    It’s a popular fabric in bedding because it’s super soft, moisture wicking, breathable and hypoallergenic.

    This bamboo viscose fabric is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex certified to be safe and eco-friendly.

    These sheets only come in one color, which is white. Each set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and one to three pillowcases depending on what size of sheet set you buy.

    They also come with a cute little tote bag which you could totally use to store the sheets or just use a cute little tote bag.

    bag for Nolah bamboo bed sheets


    So what do these sheets feel like?

    I’ll be honest with you, the first time I ever felt these sheets i was immediately intrigued by them.

    Even just taking them out of the package they felt so soft and silky. After testing them out by actually sleeping on them, I can say that my first impression was pretty accurate.

    I love how luxuriously silky these sheets feel, but they’re also simultaneously really light and airy.

    Lying under the top sheet I could barely even feel it on top of me and honestly these just feel really nice against your skin.

    I also thought these sheets did a really good job of keeping cool even when I tested them out. I was sleeping under a bunch of blankets because I’m always really cold at night and i didn’t notice them trapping any heat.

    You could definitely tell this fabric is really breathable so think these are going to be a great pick for hot sleepers.

    soft bamboo sheet sets


    All right folks it’s time for a pros and cons list.

    Let’s go over what i liked and what I didn’t like so much about the Nolah Bamboo sheets.

    First up the pros.

    My first pro for these sheets was that I absolutely love the feel of them. They are delightfully silky and smooth but also lightweight and airy.

    Honestly they make me just want to lie in bed all day!

    Second I love how breathable and cooling these sheets are.

    I think these would be great if you need some sheets to beat the heat in the summer months or if you’re a hot sleeper you could use these year round.

    Third I also really love how durable these sheets are. I’ve washed these sheets a few times already and they still feel just as nice as when I first took them out of the package.

    And Nolah backs that up with their 10 year warranty.

    bamboo cooling bed sheets


    Now on to the cons.

    My first con for these shoots would be that they are quite wrinkly.

    If you’re someone who really values that crisp clean look in your bedding, you might get frustrated with how easily these sheets are going to wrinkle.

    Second I really appreciate that the pillowcases have the envelope style closure, but I found them to be a little bit small, so I had trouble fitting my standard size pillows in these pillowcases at home. I wish the pillowcases were just a little bit bigger.

    And third and finally, these sheets only come in one color which is white. That’s just a little bit more limiting if you want some more style in your sheets.

    Well folks that’s it for this review. If you’re going to be trying out the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set let me know in the comments section.

    If these aren’t the right fit for you, be sure to browse this website. I have reviewed a ton more sheets here and I’m sure you will find something that you’ll love.

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