Avocado vs Purple Mattress Comparison


    Trying to decide between the Avocado and Purple mattresses? I’m here to help.

    By the end of this article you’ll know exactly what makes these two mattress different from one another.

    But more importantly, you’ll know which one works best for you.


    First I’m going to tell you what these two beds have in common. So you know what you don’t have to compromise on if you choose one over the other.

    First up, both beds sleep cool. So if you’re a hot sleeper, either option should do. Plus, combination sleepers should enjoy either bed because the materials lead to easy movement. But I will go into more detail on construction a little later.

    And lastly, both beds are on the firmer spectrum of medium firm, so back sleepers should love them.



    Time for differences. Here is where things take a turn.

    The first difference is that Avocado has more generous policies than Purple.

    Purple offers the industry standard 100 night sleep trial period. Avocado offers a full year. Purple offers the ten year warranty. Avocado offers 25. However, Purple is less expensive than the Avocado.

    And lastly, the final difference between these two is that Avocado is a natural and organic mattress that uses things like wool latex and steel coils. While Purple is just different altogether. They use a hyper polymer gel grid and foam.

    What does that mean? Let’s talk about mattress construction.


    Throughout this article I’m going to reference the layers in both of these mattresses and how they contribute to performance, so you may want to pay close attention to the section.

    Let’s start with the cover. Avocados is made with organic wool held together with tufts instead of non organic adhesive. Purple’s cover is soft and designed to move and stretch with the Purple grid.

    Avocado’s comfort layer is Dunlop latex foam. It is denser and firmer than other types, so it provides more support and is more durable.

    And Purple’s comfort layer is that famous stretchy responsive hyper polymer grid. It keeps you perfectly aligned and adds lots of airflow to the mattress.

    Next up, the support layer. Avocado has 1414 coils that provide even weight distribution, breathability and support, while Purple uses two dense foam layers to support your body.

    Firmness and Feel

    I like to rate firmness on a scale of one to ten, where one is softer than a pool filled with jell.

    When it comes to firmness, the Purple comes in at a 6.5 out of ten, which gives it a medium firm feel, which will be best for back sleepers. And the Avocado is a seven out of ten on this scale, which is also medium firm. But that’s best for back and stomach sleepers.

    But if you do want a softer feel, you can opt to add a pillow top for an additional fee.

    Now, when it comes to the feel of the Purple, that purple grid will keep you floating on the mattress surface. Kind of like a waterbed, but way more supported. And the Avocado has a bouncy surface that’s cushioning yet firm.


    Sleeping Positions

    If you take nothing else away from this article, know that your primary sleeping position is the main factor to consider when buying a mattress.

    A mattress will perform differently based on how you sleep. So if you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach.

    So let’s kick it off with side sleepers.

    The Avocado does a better job at relieving pressure from your hips and your shoulders. That being said, Purple kills at aligning your spine. So if you have back pain, go with Purple. But if you have hip or shoulder pain, go with Avocado.

    And as I said earlier, back sleepers will love both of these options. You will feel aligned and overall comfortable on either bed.

    And lastly, stomach sleepers, you should go with the Avocado on this one. It’s firmer, which is better to keep your hips elevated and align the spine. But if you are a lighter stomach sleeper, you can get away with the Purple.

    Copper Infused Mattress

    Pressure Relief

    Now, a lot of you are looking for a new mattress because you suffer from aches and pains with your old one. So to prevent that with your new purchase, let’s see if the Avocado and Purple mattresses can relieve pressure using our Pressure Relief Map, which uses heat mapping technology to indicate pressure distribution along the body.

    Just note that blues and greens are good, and reds, oranges and yellows are not.

    So let’s take a look at my results starting with the Avocado. On the side map, I have blues and greens all around, and the same with the back map. So if you have any aches and pains, Avocado should help alleviate those.

    And it’s a little different story on the Purple. At the side map, I do see some pressure build up around the hips and the shoulders. But on the back map, we’re good to go, blues and greens. So if you sleep on your back should be good for you on the Purple.

    Motion Isolation and Edge Support

    These are two key factors in determining whether or not a mattress will work for you if you sleep in pair.

    Motion isolation is a bed’s ability to stifle motion at the source and keep it from transferring across the mattress and waking up your partner.

    Because both beds have really responsive layers, they’re not really great at isolating motion.

    Edge support is how supportive the perimeter of your bed is. So if you like a little space from your sleep partner at night or if you like to use the edge of the bed to get in and out, you’re looking for a bed with great edge support. Also, if it has good edge support, you can lie comfortably on the edge as well.

    Sadly, even though Purple does have that support foam around the edge, Avocado has a coil support system which gives it way better edge support.

    Who Should Get The Avocado?

    This is an organic mattress so those who like to keep mother Earth in mind while shopping should really like this bed.

    Next up, people who use the edges of the bed to get in and out or people who like to lie there should prefer the Avocado over Purple.

    And finally, those with aches and pains or mobility issues should prefer the Avocado over Purple again.

    Who Should Get The Purple Mattress?

    First, anyone who wants to try out the purple grid? Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like it. Plus the purple grid will give you great airflow, so Purple is great for hot sleepers as well.

    And finally, combination sleepers will love how easy it is to move around on the Purple.

    All right, we’ve reached the end of this article. Based on the info I gave you, it’s up to you to settle the debate.

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