Amerisleep Mattresses Review (Which Bed Is Right For You?)


    In this article I’m going to be talking all about the brand Amerisleep.

    They guys make a number of different mattress core models, five to be exact. Three of which are available as either an all foam or hybrid bed. They even have a new natural and organic option called Organica.

    Since they offer so many different types of beds though, for the purposes of this review I’m mainly going to be focusing around their AS3 bed, as it’s probably their most popular and accommodating bed to date.

    Since you can’t really try these beds out in a store before you buy, you might be wondering what
    these beds actually feel like, how firm they are and all that other stuff from a first-hand experience .

    In this review I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know about Amerisleep, starting with the policies that they come with, then I’m going to delve into the bed’s construction, what they feel like, how firm they are, how much they cost, elements for couples.

    And at the end, I’ll even sum things up with a final verdict on who I see these mattress options being best for.

    This article should be all you need to make a well-informed decision about your next Amerisleep bed.



    Let’s start off by talking about what Amerisleep offers in terms of policies for their beds.

    When you buy them online, you’re gonna be bolstered by the following policies, starting with completely free bed-in-a-box shipping.

    These beds will show up at your door in a big box that you just drag into your home, open up, rip off all the plastic and just like that you got a brand new Amerisleep bed.

    If you get one of their all foam models, you’ll probably want to give the bed a little bit of time to inflate, maybe like a couple days. Whereas their hybrid beds will likely just pop right into their original shape.

    In terms of a trial period, you get 100 nights with Amerisleep beds to try them out in the comfort of your own home before you’re completely stuck with them.

    If within that time frame you end up not liking the beds for whatever reason, that’s totally fine, because Amerisleep offers completely free returns with their beds within that trial period time frame.

    But if you decide to keep them, you’re going to be backed by a 20 year warranty, which is double the usual industry standard.


    Let’s get into the construction of these Amerisleep beds.

    Again I’m mainly going to be focusing on the AS3 model for this section, as all their constructions are pretty similar.

    The Bed starts off with support foam on the bottom, if you have one of their all foams.

    If you go with AS2, AS3 or AS5 in their hybrid version, you’re going to get a layer of pocketed coils for support.

    Above that support system, you have a more responsive transition layer that even features more of a zone support pressure relief design.

    This is meant to act as a buffer layer between that support system and the bed’s top layer of Bio-Pur memory foam. This is essentially a proprietary foam from Amerisleep that’s a lot more responsive than a traditional style of memory foam.

    Apparently this style of memory foam is also ethically derived from natural oils and stuff like that. That’s also pretty cool if you’re into natural and organic stuff.

    If you are in the market for a more natural and organic option, Amerisleep recently came out with their Organica mattress, which is a more ethically sourced bed with more of a latex foam feel.

    This basic design will be mirrored on all of the other core lineup beds, the AS1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, with some minor variations within the amount of foam used within each.



    It basically adds up to give these beds more of a responsive memory foam feel.

    You’re likely going to lay down on an Amerisleepy bed and sink in a little bit and get that body conforming sensation associated with a typical memory foam mattress without any of that stuck feeling when you go to rotate between different sleeping positions.

    I see a lot of sleepers, especially those who are fans of memory foam, already really enjoying the feel that’s found on Amerisleep.

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    Firmness-wise, this is gonna be a big difference between all of them.

    Essentially how it works is as you go up in number within their lineup, you go down an overall firmness level.

    AS1 is their firmest option, it’s right around a proper firm, if not a little bit softer than that. AS5 is their softest bed and it’s right around a proper soft.

    AS3 is right in the middle at a proper medium firmness. That’s going to be the most accommodating option for all sleeper types, back, side, stomach and combination.

    If you go with the AS3 hybrid, that should be suitable for all body types as well, including heavier folks.

    Regardless of how soft or firm you prefer your bed or how you like to sleep on a nightly basis, it’s nice to know that Amerisleep should have an accommodating option that should suit your preferences nicely.

    Also all of the Amerisleep core models come with machine washable covers. So if you want a bed that you can regularly deep clean, that’s nice because you can just take the covers off of these Amerisleep beds, and toss them in your washing machine.

    They do ask you to put it in a cold cycle and hang dry it, instead of tossing it in your dryer.


    If you intend on sharing your new Amerisleep bed with a partner, you might want to be aware of three things, mainly how the bed performs in terms of edge support, motion isolation and temperature regulation.

    Again I’m going to be focusing on AS3 here.

    Edge support refers to how well the perimeter edges of a bed hold up under pressure if you happen to sleep pretty close to them at night. On AS3, I’d say it’s pretty good.

    It would probably be better on the hybrid version since coils usually retain support a little better along the edges. But I don’t really see any issues here.

    Motion isolation is how well a bed deadens cross-mattress movement, if you sleep with a partner and they wake up often in the middle of the night. You don’t necessarily want their motion of them getting up jostling you awake.

    On Amerisleep beds, I’d say the motion isolation is pretty good because they use a top layer of a more responsive memory foam. They do a pretty good job of deadening motion. No real issues here either.

    In terms of temperature regulation, this is a big factor for couples, especially if you both are hot sleepers. For the Amerisleep lineup, I see these beds predominantly sleeping temperature neutral. They’re not gonna actively cool you down nor warm up on you.

    At the end of the day, i see these Amerisleep beds being pretty solid options for most couples out there.



    How much are these beds gonna cost you.

    Another thing worth noting about the Amerisleep line is as you go up in number you also go up in price,

    AS1 is their most affordable option, and AS5 is their most premium expensive bed,

    In terms of AS3, as of when I’m doing this article, a queen size currently retails for right around $1700.

    But as a brand, Amerisleep is pretty good at the discounts that they run on their beds usually. After which you can expect to pay closer to the $1400 range for AS3.

    And that is for the all foam rendition of AS3. It probably is going to be a bit more for the hybrid one.


    That’s pretty much going to sum it up for this Amerisleep review.

    I’m sure you’re probably wondering by now which of these Amerisleep beds should I go with and why.

    If you want something with more of a responsive memory foam feel and you want a bunch of different options to choose from, that span across the entire firmness spectrum, I can’t really see it going wrong with Amerisleep.

    But I’d say most people should check out AS3, if you want a medium firmness and you want something that should work fine for all sleeper types.

    But if you want a truly soft bed, look at AS5, and if you want the firmest mattress that Amerisleep makes, go with AS1.

    Also remember 2, 3 and 5 are available as hybrid beds. If you’re a bigger body type look into those.

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