Best Adjustable Bed Base With Massage (Remote Control + USB)

    Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base With Massage and Wall Glide

    This is the best adjustable bed base with massage. It is made by Nolah.

    It actually comes in two different models.

    They have the Nolah Adjustable Base With Massage and Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base With Massage and Wall Glide.

    The main focus of this review will be the first model.

    I’m gonna talk about design, features, pros, cons and then at the end I’ll talk about my verdict.

    Nolah Adjustable Base With Massage

    adjustable bed base with massage


    Let’s start with the policy information because I think it’s important that you know this stuff.

    This bed frame will come with free shipping.

    It comes relatively quickly and it shows up in a big rectangular box.

    There is no trial period and there are no return options.

    That’s becoming more and more standard only because it’s an adjustable bed frame.

    If you read the stuff, you watch a few videos, I think most people know what they’re getting themselves into and returns with these would be a lot more expensive for the brands.

    So most of them don’t offer free returns or a trial period.

    But if you just ask me, I think if you’re read about it, you know what you’re getting yourself into, I just don’t envision many people wanting to return these ones.

    And just as a spoiler for the verdict of this one, I really don’t think many people are gonna be returning this particular adjustable bed base.

    It comes with a 10 year warranty, which is maybe a little bit more than what we typically see with adjustable bed frames.


    As far as setting up the bed base goes, it’s really quick. I’d say 15 to 20 minutes or under. You could definitely do it with one person.

    You probably want two just because lifting it, moving it around is a little bit heavy, but it certainly is a one-person assembly process and it assembles just as fast if not quicker then most of the bed frames I’ve tested.

    I really like how easy it is to put together. You don’t even need any tools other than a box cutter to unbox it.

    It’s really simple to put together.



    In terms of sizing, it’s available in five different sizes and this is really common.

    They have a twin XL, a full, a queen, which is probably going to be the most popular (that’s the one I have tested) and then they have the split king and the split Cal king options.

    The split King is basically just putting two twin XLs together, which is why they offer a twin XL. That way they can have a king.

    Really the idea there is that you’d have two twin XL mattresses to put next to each other and you can control them independent of one another.

    I’m not sure how popular that is, maybe it’s pretty popular, but I think most couples can get by with just the queen.


    The MSRP for the queen is $1099.

    But Nolah pretty frequently offers discounts, so when I was writing this review, they’re offering a $150 off coupon, which means that you can buy the bed for just $949.

    I would consider this moderately price. It’s not too expensive but considering all that it offers, the design and all of it, it’s probably better than some of cheaper adjustable bed frames.


    As far as design goes, it’s pretty neutral design.

    You get a gray fabric exterior. I think it looks really nice, but if you use a comforter it’s gonna cover all of that. But in general I think it looks as nice, if not nicer, than most of the adjustable bed bases out there.

    It has the front rail that keeps the mattress from sliding down. It doesn’t have any sticky pads towards the footer of the bed like I saw in Lisa and Purple, but it seems to stay in place pretty well and the bed is never gonna jump over that front rail.

    I just wish they have put a micro strip of velcro or something just to keep the bed down at all times. Definitely not a deal-breaker because that’s actually uncommon to see, but I think that’s one way they could actually improve the bed base.

    Overall though, I really like the design.

    Adjustable Legs

    adjustable-bed-base-legs1 adjustable-bed-base-legs2

    Metal bed frame, it has legs that are adjustable, so they have three inch increments. It has to be a minimum of six inches for the bed to actually function, but you can go in three inch increments, all the way up to 12 inches, so that can be the actual clearance that you have under the bed.

    You can go a little bit shorter or less tall for anybody that has a tough time getting out of bed or maybe you’re just a little bit shorter and you prefer that, or you just don’t want the under bed storage. Or you make it a little bit taller if you want more under your bed or if you’re taller or if you just prefer to sit up a little bit taller.

    I love that they include adjustable legs. Most of them do not have adjustable legs. I count that as a big positive.

    USB Ports


    There is one other thing that I think they did very well. You’ve seen this on other bed frames, but not how Nolah did it.

    Nolah has two USB ports on either side of the bed, but what they did that makes them different, and I think is the best system I’ve seen on an adjustable bed base, is that they’re not on the side of the bed frame. There is no risk of you getting out of bed and accidentally kicking the plug that’s sticking out of the bed.

    When I tested other adjustable bed frames, the actual plug is on the side of the bed frame, so you worry about possibly kicking that or hitting that one day.

    Nolah make it on the underside of it, so your cords come down and you’ll never hit it, which I think was a very smart system. Of course it could get in the way of stuff you store under the bed, but I count it as a net positive.

    Under Bed Light

    under bed nightlight

    Also to do with the design of it, and something that I also think is a net positive, is they did a very good job at the under bed light.

    Most of these beds do not have under bed lights. Nolah does and I think they did the best job of it.

    Just speaking frankly to you, most of the under bed light features are not that helpful. They don’t really act as a nightlight and who really needs that to see underbed. Most of the time they’re not even a feature.

    But with Nolah they have little LED strips just under the bed and they do a great job of illuminating the edges of the mattress so you can use them as a nightlight. You can certainly use them to see under your bed and I think they did the best job with handling under bed lighting.

    I really like it, it’s one of my favorite things about this actual bed base. Finally somebody got it right.

    Bed Frame Motors

    electric adjustable bed frame

    Let’s talk about the actual adjustment mechanism or the motor for the bed frame.

    There are a couple of things I want to touch on.

    Firstly, it’s relatively quiet, it’s probably among the most quiet motors that I’ve seen on an adjustable bed base. It’s really subtle. I don’t think that you’ll wake up a partner if you have that split King option. I think that’s very good.

    Secondly, I think it does a really solid job of adjusting it up and down.

    There’s no slippage, at no point do you feel like it can’t handle the load. It just worked really well. I don’t know if it’s a different pneumatic system than what you see on most of these, but I just got a lot of confidence out of how would adjust.

    I think it goes possibly a little bit quicker than your average bed. The head tilts up quicker, the feet tilt up quicker and it certainly lays flat a little bit quicker.


    There are two different zones: your feet, underneath your knees and then underneath your upper back. So you’re gonna feel the massage in and around your shin and knees area and right behind your upper back.

    Each of those zones has three different intensities. You’ve got light, which is really nice, medium, which is my favorite, and then intense, which I found somewhat loud and to me it just maybe was a little too intense. I preferred the light and the medium.

    I think it’s one of the best massage features that I’ve tried because it sort of travels up your body a little bit more, it’s not just in one location. You can almost feel it like come up and down your legs and up and down your back.

    I found it to be really pleasant and really comfortable and very soothing.

    I actually think Nolah did a really good job with the massage feature.




    They also did a really good job with the remote. You can adjust the upper back area, you can adjust the leg area and then you can adjust them both at same time. You can do them independently or at the same time.

    And again they have three different intensities.

    The button in the middle of the remote is their anti snore mode, which is pretty cool. They have a dedicated button for that. It’s gonna prop your head up just a little bit and it’ll turn on that massager to help stop you from snoring.

    There is one thing that’s really clever that I have not seen on a single other adjustable bed frame. Not only can you adjust the legs and the upper back area, but you can tilt the head a little bit. They have a dedicated button for that section and you can obviously lay it back flat.

    As you travel down the remote you have the upper back area which you can adjust, the leg area which you can adjust, a dedicated flat button, which is totally underrated. Some of these beds miss a dedicated flat button. I love that it has that.

    And then you have one programmable setting. You can set it to be your favorite position for reading or watching TV or working. You can program that and it’s really easy.

    Then you have the button for the lights that are under the bed.

    And it has a dedicated zero gravity button, which is a really nice position for going to sleep. It has all of these advantages like helping with circulation, releasing tension and releasing pressure on your lower back, helping induce sleep.

    zero g bed base position

    I’m a big fan of zero gravity, it’s one of my favorite features. I think a lot of people out there will really appreciate having the zero gravity feature.

    In total you have 14 buttons. I guess that would sound like overkill, but it’s not. They did a great job of laying it out, it’s super easy to use.

    This is somewhat of a larger remote. Not sure if that really matters to you at all, but it’s the size of a TV remote. So a little big. I guess it had to be that way.


    I really like this bed frame.

    I think it could be one of the best adjustable bed bases with massage out there, considering the fact that it’s not missing any features.

    This one’s gonna be hard to beat. It’s gonna be one of the best adjustable bed frames. It does pretty much everything.

    I love that the legs are adjustable, the remote is great, the massage feature works really well.

    It’s a really nice adjustable bed frame.

    Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base With Massage and Wall Glide

    Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base With Massage and Wall Glide


    This model is very similar to the previous one. It has all the premium features:

    • built-in head/foot massage
    • weightless Zero-G position
    • multiple USB chargers
    • ambient under bed light

    It has two additional features: the wall glide and voice control.

    The wall glide feature means that the base has the ability to glide towards the wall when inclined, keeping you within arm’s reach of a nightstand.


    The voice control feature means that you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice commands.

    It’s available in four different sizes: twin XL, queen, split king and the split Cal king.

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