5 Best Rated Innerspring Mattresses


    Here I’m going over my list of the best rated innerspring mattresses.

    I do want to preface this by saying that the vast majority of beds you can find, especially those you can find online, don’t really use innersprings anymore. They’ve been replaced by pocketed coil systems.

    You get pretty much the same level of support with pocketed coils as you would with a traditional innerspring unit.

    But instead of being one big interconnected thing like inner springs are, pocketed coils are individually wrapped, then lightly woven together, which gives you a few advantages.

    They’re better isolating motion and you can even start instituting some zone support designs.

    I’m using the terms innerspring and pocketed coils pretty interchangeably for the purposes of this article.

    I have five great beds to talk about and I’m going to have a lot of information about each and every bed on this list.


    Let’s just dive right in by quickly running through all the policy information for these mattresses. I’m just talking about the general stuff, it’s going to vary from mattress to mattress, so make sure you check those for all the little details.

    This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    If you decide to get one of these beds for yourself, you’re going to start off with totally free shipping.

    Once the bed arrives at your door, you get a trial period of at least a hundred nights to decide if you really like the mattress or not. If you don’t within the brand’s trial window, you can return it.

    All but one of these beds come with totally free returns, but if you want to keep the beds, you get at least a 10 year warranty.

    It’s going to vary from mattress to mattress, but this is just the general stuff.



    Let’s get into the list now in no particular order, starting with one of the only traditional innerspring beds you can find online and that’s going to be the classic Saatva mattress.

    It starts with a layer of traditional innersprings for its primary support layer. And then it has a thin layer of pocketed coils above those. So it’s going to be extra supportive.

    And then it has a really nice quilted European pillow top that actually features organic cotton woven in. This gives the Saatva mattress a more traditional innerspring feel that a lot of people should find familiar and super comfortable.

    Price wise it’s also a very good value for what you’re getting. It’s noticeably luxurious and it’s about $1500 for a queen size.

    Pricing and discounts do tend to change pretty often for online beds, so all these prices are as of when I’m writing this article.

    Saatva also comes in three different firmness options you can pick from. They have a plush soft, a luxury firm and a firm.

    That plush soft is around a medium on the firmmess scale, which makes it generally
    accommodating for all sleeper types.

    The luxury firm is their most popular option and that’s actually closer to a medium firm, which is going to be more ideal for back and stomach sleepers, but it’s not going to be too firm for combination sleepers who spend some of the night on their side.

    That firm model is indeed a true firm, it’s one of the firmest beds I’ve ever laid down on and that’s going to be the best option for strict back and stomach sleepers who want as little give as possible.

    Allswell Luxe


    Next up on the list I have a really budget-friendly mattress option and that’s going to be the Allswell Luxe mattress.

    Allswell’s actually brand that’s owned by Walmart and they’re really well known for having surprisingly great beds for the price that you’re paying for them.

    The Luxe mattress is one of the two middle tier beds from Allswell and it’s around a medium on the firmness scale so it should be accommodating to all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination.

    This is a hybrid coil mattress and it uses a combination of memory foam and its quilted cover in its construction.

    But it doesn’t really feel like a memory foam bed. It has more of a soft neutral foam feel overall that most people should find to be pretty comfortable.

    Like I mentioned, this is a super budget friendly mattress. A queen size usually retails for just shy of $650 and will often go on discount on top of that.

    If you’re interested in the Allswell Luxe mattress but you want something firmer, you might want to check out the Allswell Brick. It’s constructed very similarly and it’s actually priced the exact same, but it’s quite a bit firmer.

    Big Fig


    Next up on the list I have a mattress that’s specifically designed for the needs of heavier individuals and that’s going to be the Big Fig mattress.

    This bed uses extra thick gauge coils and it just features more coils than the average mattress, so it’s going to be extra supportive.

    Uses high density polyurethane foam, even a layer of latex foam and also has a really nice quilted cover that’s actually slightly cool to the touch.

    The construction of this mattress gives it more of a firm neutral foam feel. It’s not going to have a lot of give, but you should get plenty of cushioning.

    This bed is a true firm on the scale, so it’s going to be most ideal for strict back and stomach sleepers.

    Although since this mattress is specifically designed to handle heavier individuals, if you are a heavier individual, you might find it to be a bit softer.

    Usually heavy people feel beds to be quite a bit softer and lighter people feel beds to be quite a bit firmer.

    One of the big perks of the Big Fig mattress is that it actually comes with an included foundation for free. If you already have a foundation you like, you can opt out of it and save a little bit of money.

    But it’s really nice they offer this because there’s no guess work in finding a foundation that’ll work for the mattress.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support

    DreamCloud Premier


    Next up I have a pretty unique memory foam mattress option and that’s going to be the DreamCloud Premiere mattress.

    Construction wise, it uses a very thick layer of pocket coils for support, so it should do just fine for all body types.

    Above those coils you have a more responsive transition layer of foam to make sure you don’t really feel the coils as much.

    And then you have a layer of gel memory foam, which is the primary comfort layer. But unlike a lot of other beds like this, it actually has a quilted European pillow top that even has a bit of cashmere woven in.

    This pillow top along with the coils and transition foam gives the DreamCloud Premiere a responsive memory foam feel.

    You’ll know that memory foam is there and you will get some of the nice body conforming quality you might want out of a memory foam.

    But it’s not going to have as dense of a sink in feel as something like a Tempur-pedic mattress for example.

    Firmness wise, it’s right between a medium and a medium firm, which makes it pretty
    accommodating for all sleeper types.

    Although if you are a strict side sleeper, especially if you’re lighter, this bed might be a tad bit too firm, but I think most people will be able to get by in any position.

    Price wise, it’s definitely more in that luxury tier, but it’s probably not as expensive as you might think.

    Nolah Evolution

    best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

    Last up on the list I have my favorite plush mattress for this category and that’s going to be the Nolah Evolution hybrid mattress.

    Nolah is known for using a pretty unique proprietary foam in their beds called AirFoam.

    This stuff shares some of the characteristics to memory foam in that provides you with a lot of pressure relief and it conforms to your body.

    But it also snaps back into shape very quickly, which makes it much easier to switch between sleep positions compared to a traditional memory foam.

    So you have the AirFoam in this bed and then you have a really nice quilted pillow top that actually features a bit of a cooling material woven in.

    This pillow top is really light and airy and helps this mattress to be generally comfortable with a pillow top feel.

    I can’t imagine a lot of people laying down on the Nolah Evolution hybrid and thinking it isn’t a comfortable mattress.

    Firmness wise, up until very recently it only came in one option and now it comes in three. It has a plush, a luxury firm and a firm.

    The luxury firm is their most popular and that’s actually closer to a medium. So it’s going to be generally accommodating for all sleepers.

    The plush model is actually closer to a medium soft, maybe even a tad softer. So it’s going to be a really good option for strict side sleepers who want maximum pressure relief.

    And that firm model is going to be closer to a medium firm, so most ideal for back and stomach sleepers, but not too firm for combo sleepers.

    This bed is definitely more in that luxury tier when it comes to price. Nolah is one of those brands that sets their MSRPs really high and then offers heavy discounts.

    I think you should be paying somewhere between $1500 and $1600 for queen.

    Wrap Up

    This list was especially difficult to put together because there just aren’t that many traditional innerspring mattresses you can find online. And there are so many great hybrid coil beds.

    But I think any one of these five beds could very well be your next mattress.

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