3 Inch Talalay Latex Mattress Topper by Birch


    In this article I’m going to be talking about organic mattress toppers.

    You thought just your produce could be organic? Well think again.

    Here I’m going to be reviewing the 3 inch Birch plush organic mattress topper.

    I’m going to be going over what it’s made of, what it feels like and who I think it’s going gonna be best for.

    Policies & Prices

    Before We dive deep into this topper, let’s do a quick overview of the policies and prices

    First Birch ships for free in all 50 U.S states and they also ship to Canada for an additional shipping fee.

    This topper ships compressed in a box and I found it pretty easy to unbox although I will say it was pretty heavy since it’s made of latex.

    Additionally I did notice a slight off-gassing smell when I was unboxing it, but it dissipated after a few hours.

    Birch offers a 100 night sleep trial with this topper and that means you can test it out for 100 nights and if it’s not a good fit you can return it for a full refund within that trial period.

    Finally Birch also offers a very generous 10 year warranty on this topper.

    As far as prices go, this topper comes in six different sizes ranging in price from $300 to $550.

    But do keep in mind prices can change often so head over to their website for the most up-to-date pricing.



    Let’s take a look at what this 3 inch topper is made of.

    We’ve got the outer cover here which is made from 100% organic cotton

    Cotton is a very breathable and soft material which is great for the cover. Under the cover we’ve got a layer of wool.

    The wool acts as a natural fire retardant as well as providing some softness and a little bit of temperature regulation.

    And then finally we’ve got a layer of talalay latex. Talalay latex is a type of latex foam that’s derived from the sap of rubber trees.

    Latex has a much more bouncy and responsive feel than memory foam as well as being naturally cool.

    Additionally this topper comes in six different sizes, which are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king.

    I’ve got the queen size and it fits pretty well on a queen-size mattress.

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    I personally tested out this Birch topper to get a sense of how it feels and here’s what I thought.

    First I’ll say that this topper is actually quite heavy because it’s made of latex so it is a little bit difficult to get it onto your mattress.

    As far as how the latex actually feels, I would say this topper is a good bit firmer than most other toppers I’ve tested.

    It definitely feels very supportive and it gives you that on top of the bed feeling, compared to a lot of other toppers i’ve tested made of memory foam which offer a lot more pressure relief.

    One of the main purposes of buying a mattress topper is to alter the feel of your existing mattress.

    To get a good sense of how the Birch would work on different beds, I tested it on two different mattresses.

    The first mattress I tested it on was a medium firm mattress a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. When I added the Birch topper, honestly I didn’t think it really changed the firmness all that much, but it did change what the mattress felt like.

    Latex has a pretty distinctively responsive and bouncy feel to it so it gave that latex feel to the top of the mattress without really changing the firmness of it.

    The second mattress I tested it on was a really firm mattress an 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

    Here I did see a little more change when I added the topper. I thought the latex offered a little bit more pressure relief as the mattress I tested it on basically offered no pressure relief.

    I would say maybe brought it down to maybe a 7 out of 10 instead of that 8.5.


    Sleeping Positions

    How will this topper work for different sleeping positions.

    Let’s go over each one starting off with back sleepers.

    I think this topper is a great option for back sleepers.

    Latex is a great material for back sleepers in my opinion because it provides that little bit of contouring and pressure relief while maintaining an on top of the bed feel.

    Next up side sleepers.

    I didn’t think this topper was the best for side sleepers as it’s not extremely soft or pressure relieving.

    For side sleepers you generally want some level of contouring to take pressure off the hips and shoulders and this topper didn’t really provide too much of that.

    Finally stomach sleepers. I actually thought this topper was not a bad option for stomach sleepers. I say that because most toppers in my experience aren’t that great for stomach sleepers as they tend to make the bed softer, and stomach sleepers really need a firm surface to keep their hips from sinking in and causing their back to bow.

    This topper doesn’t allow you to sink in too much and it keeps you on the surface of the bed so it could work for stomach sleeping.



    If you’re still questioning whether or not this topper is right for you here are my pros and cons about it, starting off with the pros.

    First I would say this topper has a pretty distinct feel from a lot of toppers I’ve tested which are usually made of memory foam.

    If you want a latex topper or you just want a mattress topper but you’re not sure you want that sinking in feeling of memory foam, this topper is a great option to add another layer to your bed without making it too soft.

    Next latex is a naturally cool material plus the breathable cotton and thermo-regulating wool will also help to keep things cool with this topper. So hot sleepers this is going to be a great option for you.

    Third this topper is made with eco-friendly materials that are Green Guard Gold and Global Organic Textile standard certified.


    First off this topper doesn’t have any method of attaching to your mattress, so if you toss and turn a lot, it may shift around a little bit on the surface of your bed. It’s also quite heavy.

    Next I would say that if you’re looking to add some serious cushioning or some serious pressure relieving features to your bed, this topper may not be the best option as it definitely provides more of that on top of the bed feel.

    Finally when I was unboxing this topper, I did notice a bit of an off-gassing smell. It’s not harmful but if you are sensitive to smell that’s something to keep in mind.

    If you do notice any off-gassing, just let it air out for a few hours and it should dissipate.

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