100% Natural Talalay Latex Pillow Review


    In this article I’m going to review two 100% latex pillows from Brooklyn Bedding.

    Brooklyn Bedding understands that no two sleepers are the same and that’s why they have a long list of mattresses and pillows tailored towards a variety of needs and preferences.

    The company has a line of pillows that follows this standard.

    What we’re looking here is their talalay latex pillow, a highly responsive and some say a healthier sleep option. This pillow comes in a high and low loft model.

    I’ll be checking out the similarities and differences but more on that in a second. I’ll give you a brief overview as well as an idea of who I think will love these pillows.



    First I want to talk about the materials these are made with.

    Both of these pillows are the same as far as the materials they’re made of. So I’m just gonna talk about one of them.

    Both pillows are covered with an extremely soft cotton cover. It’s a semi thick material and feels very durable. The cover zips off for facilitated cleaning. Just make sure to use a gentle setting.

    Inside each pillow is a talalay latex insert. The high loft is one inch taller than the low loft pillow. Covering the insert is a piece of fabric called a fire sock. It’s made from spandex and polyester and although it’s silky smooth, it doesn’t affect the overall feel of the pillow.

    There are pin holes in the foam. These are here in part due to the latex manufacturing process, but as an added benefit this helps the pillows circulate air and stay cool throughout the night.

    The latex in this pillow has been OEKO-TEX certified. This means it was tested at each stage of its development and found to meet meticulous safety standards that search for potentially dangerous substances and chemicals.

    Feel & Response

    Now that I’ve talked about what’s in these pillows, let’s talk about how they sleep.

    Brooklyn Bedding low loft pillow stands at five and a half to six inches tall. I describe it as more of a medium, just something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a super low loft.

    The response on this pillow is very quick. That’s the latex for you. This is something I’m not used to in a pillow, but I am surprised that I really didn’t mind it.

    Looking at the high loft pillow, it has that same quick response to it. This stands at 7 inches tall, so about one extra itch then the low loft. You got more to snuggle into. You might not think one inch makes much of a difference, but when you lay on it, you can really tell.

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    Sleeping Positions

    I’ve tested these pillows side by side laying down.

    First lying on my back.

    When lying on the low loft, I feel really good. The curve of my neck is well supported and my head isn’t uncomfortably tilted. I like the high loft just a little better for this position. I personally really feel my neck is lining up well with my spine. Although I’m not typically a back sleeper, I could easily sleep in this position.

    Lying on my side, I think I prefer the low loft for this position. But you may prefer the high loft. This is all gonna depend on the width of your shoulders, especially if they are broader.

    Head size is also going to play a factor and since the higher loft has more material, this allows for more sinkage into the pillow, if that’s something you like.

    Lying on my stomach, I think most people are gonna find that they prefer the low loft. The high loft gets in your face a little bit, but you can easily move it to make this more comfortable if you’re a combo sleeper who wants options.

    Here’s what I am thinking.

    Stomach sleepers will most likely prefer the low loft, whereas combo sleepers, those who like to move around a lot at night, may like the high loft, especially those with broader shoulders, bigger heads, that kind of stuff.

    If you sleep on your back, totally preference, you pick whatever you prefer.


    Now that I’ve discussed the feel and sleeping positions, let’s talk about some items that are more preference based.

    First cooling. Sleeping on a hot pillow can ruin your night. Not only is latex cool but it has pin holes throughout to promote air flow. That should keep both the head and neck from overheating. The cover is also quite breathable, allowing for further air circulation.

    Now about noise and smell, Some pillows can make an obnoxious rustling sound as you move around at night. There may be some noise if your head rolls over where the tag is, but apart from that, this pillow is dead silent.

    There was a slight smell when I took these out of their boxes, but it went away within the first hour. So no serious off-gassing.


    Pillowcase Test

    I’ve also done a pillowcase test. First I tested the lower loft. As I expected, it went in pretty easily. The rounded edges certainly helped it to slip right in.

    I expected the higher loft to be slightly more difficult. It was a little harder but not too bad. For either option, if you feel you can’t get it in all the way, just give it a little shake. That should help.

    Before I wrap up this review, let’s go over some points that might help you make your decision.


    First the company has a 30-day trial on this product and if it doesn’t work you can send it back on their dime. It also has a three year warranty that covers any defects in the materials.

    This pillow is shipped to your door for free. It’s also available in both a queen and a king size, whichever you prefer.


    Who do I think will love Brooklyn Bedding talalay latex pillow?

    People looking for latex. It’s not every day that you come across a latex pillow, so this is definitely something different, but it’s certainly worth trying out.

    These pillows have the quick response of latex, but remain both soft and supportive.

    I also think it’s great for people looking for cooling. The cover does a really good job at staying temperature neutral while the inside helps to circulate air. This prevents heat buildup against your head and your face and your neck.

    Finally, people who want options. The high and low loft options allow sleepers to pick the pillow that’s best for them.

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