18 Bedroom Essentials List (Best Rated)

Here you will find bedroom essentials list that will turn your bedroom into a comfortable and beautiful space that feels welcoming after a long and busy day.

These are not just any things. These are top rated products that will make your bedroom your haven. These elements will make it a restful, sleeping space.

We’ve found the top must-haves to transform your bedroom into an enjoyable retreat.

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Perfect Bedroom Essentials That Are a Must

How you decorate your bedroom affects the mood you wake up with each morning.

For this reason, you must make sure you’re not missing the most important bedroom essentials!

Sleeping on a mattress that is too hard, not knowing where to put the book you are reading, only having a ceiling lamp that dazzles you just before you close your eyes?

These mistakes when thinking about your bedroom affect the way you sleep (and wake up) each day and they can end up affecting your health as well.

It is crucial to make a list of essential elements in your bedroom.

Here are some items that can never be missing from your bedroom. Take note and sweet dreams!

I know you’ve heard it many times, but a good mattress is the first thing you should think about. You can have the most beautiful room, but if your mattress is not of high quality, you will not sleep well. Besides, think about it as an investment that will last you 10 years, so it is worth choosing a good one, right?

If there are only two items to invest in a bedroom, it should be the mattress and good bed sheets: I love Egyptian cotton sheets. It is a luxury that you can afford and that you will enjoy every day, so don’t skimp on bed sheets when choosing them. Also, remember to change the sheets once a week! Your health depends on it. Or you can use silver infused bed sheets that you can wash 3x less often.

The headboards define, largely, the style of the bedroom. You can choose an upholstered model, made of wood, wrought iron or natural fibers. If you can’t put a headboard, because it doesn’t fit, or you don’t want it, a trend is to turn the wall on which the bed rests into a big headboard. How? By covering it with wallpaper or decorating it with moldings.

We all need a place to put a bedside lamp, our favorite book, a glass of water or our glasses, so the nightstand is absolutely necessary. I advise you to have one with some kind of storage and that does not exceed the height of the mattress.

You also need place to store items, but don’t go overboard filling the room with stuff and end up with a cluttered interior. Find the perfect space where you can place some large drawers or a closet where you have enough storage space available for you. For a small or dark room, wardrobes with sliding and mirrored doors are ideal for reflecting more light into the room.

Although it is a perfect trick for small and dark rooms, as I just mentioned, having a mirror in the bedroom is also very practical to avoid having to go to the bathroom to take a last look at yourself before going out. If you follow Feng Shui advice, never place the mirror pointing towards the bed.

One ceiling light is not enough for the bedroom. To create a cozier, more elegant and inviting sleeping environment, you need to combine several light sources to create “mini-ambiences” within the bedroom.

Everyone hates getting up in the morning and stepping on a hard, cold floor, so go for carpeting in the bedroom or a nice rug to decorate your room.

Do you want your room to have natural light and privacy at the same time? Choose curtains for the bedroom in neutral tones and you will achieve it. Choose them more or less dense – made of linen or velvet – and put them double or single, depending on the amount of light you want to enter.

Do not forget personal items. I can give you all the tips on what bedroom essentials to use, how to sleep better or how to lay it out in the most efficient way, but what really makes a bedroom special are the stories behind some photographs, art or travel memories. Don’t miss your personal touch!

We all break this rule, and it is one of the most important! The bedroom is a space reserved for rest and privacy, so do your best to leave technology in your living room.

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